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What Is Caching?

In the computing world, caching is the process of storing a subset of data in a highly accessible and high-speed layer called a cache. It is done to access more frequent data quickly and to avoid any additional computation that was done to fetch and store previous data. …

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An API is the building block of any client-server communication because it helps exchange information in the form of a request-response pattern. In any distributed system, it becomes immensely important to build APIs that are robust in nature and highly available even in the face of a network issue.


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APIs have become one of the most common ways of communication and provide an entry point to any application and their data. Along with the flexibility and ease of integration, APIs also bring with them potential risks, vulnerabilities and threats to their systems. …

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Load balancing is the process of evenly distributing your network load across several servers. It helps in scaling the demand during peak traffic hours by helping spread the work uniformly. The server can be present in a cloud or a data center or on-premises. It can be either a physical…

Apocalypse of Unicorn Age: The truth behind the waning of the Startups

Silicon Valley has mostly been dominated by the startups worth $1 billion or more, which we proudly call as the Unicorns. Their glory marked 2015 as the new era of technology and ideas that were established to change…

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